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How to make Architecture Portfolio ?


Architecture Portfolio is a virtual presentation of an Architect or an Architectural student. It is a way of representing your thought, skills, knowledge, personality and talent as well to others. Architecture Portfolio speaks different things about you and your thought processes.

The way you compose your work, colour schemes, graphical representation, Resume/CV, technical skills, awareness of the existing environment or usage, different ideas and various thought process regarding the same. Based on all these facts, you are different from others and also the Architecture is all about the same.

For everyone, Architecture has its meaning and definitions too. It is all about the perspective and also it varies from person to person. In simple words, it is a way to represent the thought or ideas of our mind. Also, these Architecture portfolios are the easiest way to convey your skills and knowledge also the more about you.

So, in this post, we will have to discuss the Importance of Architecture Portfolios and also how to make Portfolios and its process? About the term ‘Internship’ and ‘Portfolio’. Also, the importance and advantage of doing Internships.


Internship: the word internship is basically for work experience for a particular time. It is necessary for all the streams of education. The students or graduates understand the responsibilities, work pressure, practical knowledge about their related fields, working environment, etc.

An internship is necessary for all the beginners or graduates to know about the field experience, practical knowledge or practice, etc. These internships allow us to relate our theoretical knowledge (which we gain in our college time) convert into practice in fields or to do as a live experience. Also, most of the streams these internships program are necessary for the graduates as work experience for applying in different MNC’s and offices. During this period, we have to learn about many things in our day to day life. For instance: time management, work responsibilities, body languages, presentation skills, etc.

The internship is for a particular time that is for a month or a year. It depends upon the company or offices that offer internships for students or graduates. Internship is an essential part of beginners. It helps to realize the difference between theoretical and practical knowledge. In other words, it allows or gives us to implement our theoretical knowledge in the field of study as alive. Internships also provide a training loop for students with little experience in the professional world. The internship is also known as a training period.


  • Team Work
  • Time Management
  • Work Experience
  • Boost your knowledge
  • Work Pressure or Ethics
  • Work Responsibility
  • Practical Knowledge
  • Enhancing or Softens skills (both Technical & Non-technical)
  • Self-Improvement
  • Marketing
  • Exposure to the Working Environment
  • Communication Skills


A portfolio is a documentation of your work which represents your skills and knowledge acquired of their related field of study. It also carries a documented works that you have done during an internship program. A portfolio is a term for collected data or documents that represent your ability to do work, work experience, knowledge, skills, presentation, thought process, etc. In other words, a Portfolio is a virtual presentation of your-self. For instance: your work, experience, knowledge, skills, etc.

Architecture Portfolio Cover


Architecture Portfolio is one of the essential things in an Architect or an Architecture student for taking jobs or for taking admissions for further studies. As we above discussed the term Internship and the Portfolio, we can relate the same in Architecture as well.

Architecture Portfolio represents more about you and your knowledge, skills or talent. It contains most of the things about your-self. It is the only way in the Architecture field to represent your-self for job applications, admissions, etc. Architecture portfolios help the admissions representative or head of the office to select you for the particular position in which you applied. It is impossible to get an architecture placement at a college or university and also an architectural place within a practice, without an Architectural Portfolio.


How to make Architecture Portfolio?

In Architecture, we have worked in a lot of different topics related to the field. But in Architecture Portfolio we have to consider some of the necessary facts while making the Portfolio and they are:

  • Cover Page:
Design Portfolio Cover
Design Portfolio Cover

It should be attractive, simple, less write up, more informative through graphically.

  • Resume/CV:
  1. Personal information with Photograph
  2. Statement of Originality – for your work or this is confidential.
  3. Personal and Professional Skills
  4. Competitions, Achievements & Experiences
  5. Work Philosophy
  6. Area of Interest
  • Self-Declaration
  • Goals & Expectation for the Internship
  • Description of your Internship Position:

 Working hours, Types of Projects you will be handle, etc.

  • Content:

This page contains the content of your work in bullets or serial numbers.

  • Works or Designs:

Project Title & Description

  •  Always use simple fonts or thin description of works.
  • Better Composition also attract the juror or representative.
  • Miscellaneous Works:
  • Certificates, Awards, Special Mentions, etc.
  • Thank you (This page is very important)
Architecture Resume

You can see ISSUU.COM for sample of portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make Architecture Portfolio

In Architecture Portfolio we have to consider some of the necessary facts while making the Portfolio and they are:
1. Cover Page
2. Resume/CV
3. Self-Declaration
4. Goals & Expectation for the Internship
5. Description of your Internship Position
6. Content
7. Works or Designs
8. Always use simple fonts or thin description of works.
9. Better Composition also attract the juror or representative.
10. Miscellaneous Works:
11. Certificates, Awards, Special Mentions, etc.
12. Thank you Page

Good size of Architecture Portfolio

Portfolio size should not exceed 5 MB to 8 MB. In some offices or places where you applied, this is the most considered fact. The paper size for the portfolio is A3 that is 297 x 420mm and always prefer landscape format for presentation.

Length of Architecture Portfolio

The length of the portfolio is 20-30 pages maximum.

Website, where I submit Architecture Portfolio

You can submit, your Architecture Portfolio in website. In this website, you can find many references also.

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