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Did it actually mean something in human life? What is the role of any painting in human life? A painting is nothing but the reality of humans. It shows the Reflection of human life. As you’ll see in the picture, It actually shows the two different lifestyles. Given painting is a fusion of historical and modern architecture.

Architecture defines…..

Architecture, this word contains immense creativity in itself. Usually, if we thought of this word, very first picture that comes in mind which shows creative designs of physical structures flashes in everyone’s mind. Identity of any country is nothing but its Architectural Heritage, which combines both historical and modern architecture. Even there are two kinds of architects who have either likely to design modern buildings or either historical monuments.


Historical architecture stands for the Beauty of Indian culture and well known for its tradition whereas modern architecture stands for a new era of modern lifestyle. The historical architecture shows one example in the given picture, women who used to wear saree, even every city has its own beauty, it represents the culture of each city. Old women’s are always used to wear BINDI, earrings, necklace. on the other side, you’ll see nowadays women do not likely to have traditional kind of JEWELLERY or any kind of old beauty elements. A given painting actually shows both architectural elements.

Basically, historical architecture defines the identity of buildings which represents a particular culture of a particular native place. Even if we observe the construction Technology-wise it has tremendously unique designs have built-in old era. its beauty elements give a new identity to itself. These structures are very durable in comparative with modern buildings. Any modern building has a long life of only a few years. but traditional structures have had that strong base which has been given these structures long life. For e.g. Taj Mahal, Lal Kila etc. In some areas there are limitations for building materials, instead of transporting materials from the very far place the traditional structures have the advantage of such construction materials, these materials are cheap and easily available at low cost as well. On the other hand, Asia’s climate has a major influence on historical architecture.


In modern architecture, these new buildings play the role of today’s society. However, modern buildings often use steel infrastructures. Actually, the reality shows the base of modern architecture is the newly invented or manmade components, which has its own beauty but does not sustain for long life. Day by day, we’re creating new build forms. But does that suits in every climate condition? does it have that strong base to hold the culture of every city? I might have questions on modern architecture but what’s the reality? are we really having our actual reality? does modern architecture represent itself enough? well, that’s the question…

In our society, both the culture have a separate fan base. There are two kinds of people who likely to have either traditional jewellery or either used to wear modern elements such as Western outfits, Nose-ring. When I do have to realize that these two architecture elements can be merged in one frame, the only image that comes in my mind is the given picture you can see. Every culture of the city has equal weightage. As of now, We are the people who represent our culture.

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As you’ll see in every city in India, There is building character which has its own identity and made by the locally available materials according to climate condition. In that, lighter materials have been used to build structures in a warm climate and designed for sufficient cross ventilation through the openings of structures.

If we do speak about Historical architecture and Modern architecture then both are Two Poles of Indian culture. That apart from each other like day and night which defines the two different time zones and I feel somewhere there is a thin line (chord). Which has the ability to connect these two architectural forms in a single frame. As of now, the Architectural community has had to gain an interest in both historical and modern architecture. This painting is nothing but that thin line which connects two times of the era.

What should be the base of any painting?

A base of painting should always Represent Reality. I think this painting should get enough meaning to represent both the cultures in a Single Frame!! 

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