Architecture Quiz – 22-August-2020

Architecture Quiz-3

Architecture Quiz is designing for preparation for the entrance exam of Architecture. It contains some logistic questions and materials related to Architecture syllabus.

In this quiz, you will find some interesting questions and answers related to the Architecture field. This is a 5 minutes quiz, in each question, you will have 30 seconds time for answering, then it will disappear automatically.
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Architecture Quiz-3

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The weight and volume of an ordinary cement bag is:

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Identify the building:

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Shanti has X rupees more than Ashok and together they have total of Y rupees, which of the following is correct:

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The largest uninterrupted open space and large dome space in the world is:

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Which board is used on the internal walls of the cinema theatres?


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Warm Colours are:

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The central, top most stone of an arch is called:

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Steel is an alloy of:

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Badrinath and Kedarnath Temples are located in:

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Heat Insulating Material is:

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